Monday, February 04, 2013

Buy It: Miansai by Michael Saiger Screw Cuff

I am very particular about my hair color. Very. And with good reason: I have to wear my hair every day, so it needs to be exactly right. The person I entrust to do my color perfectly is Kimberly Cutter at Marie Robinson Salon; I used to see Marie herself up until she had a baby and reduced her working hours greatly, and I'm now convinced it might be easier to get an appointment with President Obama. Anyway, I love Kimberly, because she never says no when I ask her to make me blonder. Also, she always wears great stuff. When I was at the salon on Saturday, I noticed a supercool bracelet on her wrist; it was a Christmas present from her boyfriend, but she picked it out and made him buy it on the spot, which made me love her even more, because I totally have to do the same thing with MW when he buys presents for me. The bracelet in question is the screw cuff by Miansai, which is a line of unisex, utilitarian, nautical-inspired jewelry designed by Michael Saiger and seen on the wrists of incredibly chic people. You do have to screw it on, and it's a bit on the heavy side—think of it as a less flashy Cartier love bracelet—but I love how simple and sculptural it looks. The bracelet comes in four different finishes, from utilitarian brass for $165 to sterling silver for $355, although I'm most interested in the gold-plated version. In case you're reading this, MW, my birthday is less than a month away and I'll need a size small...

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